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Support Management System

Introducing an efficient support system to help you with all the support-related operations

Awesome Features

ICONICUS Support helps in managing the internal tickets issued by the employees and distributes the same to the support team.
It puts together the entire process in line and helps in all the activities that require support management.
These support systems are an essential requirement for all types of organizations, be it small or large.
The ideal support system aids the team to provide an efficient customer service to all the clients.

Ticket Management

Ticket management system is the most important feature for the helpdesk. Managing customers’ queries and resolving their issues is why companies opt for ticket management systems. This process increases the speed of an entire operation and helps the customer service staff to service the clients better. This feature enables easy ticket creation and also provides discussion forums and file management for tickets.

Tag Management

The tag management feature allows you to create unlimited tags to categorize tickets and view ticket reports accordingly. For instance, all queries/tickets related to purchase could be tagged under a tag ‘purchase’ and once clicked on the tag, all the ‘purchase’ tickets and a consolidated report pops up for the viewer’s easy access.

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge base software works as a self-explanatory data bank for customers who have common queries. This knowledge base is useful for both, customers as well as the internal staff to refer to the data bank and clarify their queries. It helps in saving time as repetitive customer queries need not be answered manually, owing to the existence of a common knowledge base that serves the purpose.


An attractive and informative dashboard is what makes our Support Management System stronger. It allows the user to view the status of activities and the status reports at a single click. Dashboard is also termed as a ‘progress report’ or a ‘report’ to simplify it for the users/viewers.


In order to smoothen the communication amongst the internal team members, this feature helps in making the communication process easier and hassle-free. This module is filled with instant messaging, file sharing, audio and video calling, screen sharing and capturing features. All the above mentioned features with a completely secure and encrypted approach. These tools aim at producing an efficient output making it easier for the team members to stay connected at all times.


Data is incorporated in the form of a simplified report with extensive information on all the issues occurred in various projects. Get access to these simplified reports in a well-organized spreadsheet to help you understand the tickets/ customer queries better. These customer queries are simplified in the reports for the user to understand their client’s problems and serve them accordingly.

Choose Best Plan For Your Organization

Various plans depending on the requirement of your organization. Choose the best plan for your organization and start saving the time.

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  • 2 GB Space
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  • 5 GB Space
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  • 7 GB Space
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  • 100 Users
  • 10 GB Space
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