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Campaign Management System

Plan a strong digital marketing game with our Campaign Management System

Awesome Features

Ensure that you’re staying at the top of the digital marketing game,
our campaign management system helps you in email campaign, sms campaign as well as staying one step ahead in the battle of social media.

Email Campaign

A very crucial element of digital marketing is email marketing. For this, crafting a well planned email marketing strategy is very important for any brand. Our Campaign management system allows you to configure multiple emails and automate the campaign as designed. Mail delivery status to all the broadcasted contacts is also provided to the client

Contact Management

All the contacts that have interacted with your business are stored along with the interaction tracking details. These eventually turns into a Customer Relationship Management feature of our software that allows businesses to improve and expand their business network and connections.

Social Campaign

Most brands are fighting the social media game in today’s age. We help you in social media management of your brand on platforms including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We also provide you with the analytics reports for all the social media posts helping you increase engagement with your audience.

SMS Campaign

Through SMS campaign, the desired brand message reaches maximum number of people as the interaction happens through SMS in less than 160 characters. The message received by the receiver is short, crisp and direct. Our campaign management system allows you carry out the SMS campaign smoothly reaching a wider target audience. The SMS and mails are API configurable for increased efficiency and flexibility.

Push Notification

Push notifications that are small messages, not pop-up links. We configure and manage these push notifications for multiple websites to amplify the campaign designed for all the websites. These messages can reach the viewer anywhere and anytime increasing user engagement and brand awareness.

Dashboard & Reports

Our dashboards and reports are an analysis tool. They help you analyze how well is the campaign doing and the outreach of the campaign. Real-time dashboards and reports measure the results of the campaign on the spot and give you real-time figures for easy analysis .

Choose Best Plan For Your Organization

Various plans depending on the requirement of your organization. Choose the best plan for your organization and start saving the time.

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  • 2 GB Space
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  • 5 GB Space
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  • 50 Users
  • 7 GB Space
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  • 100 Users
  • 10 GB Space
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