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Inventory Management System

Manage your inventory related operations in any part of the world with just a single click

Awesome Features

Every small and big organization requires an inventory management system to take care of the inventory
i.e. raw materials, stock, purchase, sale and accountings. Iconicus Inventory also provides GST enabled powerful invoicing for multiple branches.
We also centralize the data for all the respective branches.

Inventory Management

Our exclusive software helps you in tracking inventory at all times. Every addition and subtraction is recorded and then later notified to the manager. The software will notify the manager on low stock through alerts and email reminders. We also provide an additional option of auto purchase of a particular stock low in quantity.

Purchase Management

A very crucial feature of the software; any organization needs to purchase items on shortage of them. This feature automates the purchase management on low quantity mark and also gives the option of partial payment. It further tracks the shipment and order of purchase given until delivery. Bill return and bill refund are additional offerings of the software.

Customer And Vendor Management

This software helps you save all the necessary details about the customers as well as the vendors at the same place. Get rid of hundreds of diaries and the headache of noting down each name and number in the book. Save all the essential details of the respective stake holders digitally and stay carefree.


Appropriate and authentic invoicing options along with GST support and integrating the barcode scanner. We also offer invoice payment option with partial payment facility to ease the transaction for the customer


Manage multiple accounting transaction details of sales, purchase and other vital expenses. The software also helps you export transaction statements and also prints the same. It connects the back-end accounting operations of the company and merges it with the inventory management system for smooth operations.


The software generates various files required to file the GST return on each bill with a single click. This software saves time on creating invoices and makes for an efficient GST filing procedure.

Dashboard & Reports

Inventory dashboards give you a real-time view of the inventory of the entire organization in a simplified view. Various departments in the organization can avail the benefits of the dashboard and the reports.

Expense Management

With this feature in place, you don’t have to maintain tangible records of expenses with pen and paper. All daily expenses and transactions of various categories are recorded with this feature to ease the process for the accountant and the expense approvers both.

Choose Best Plan For Your Organization

Various plans depending on the requirement of your organization. Choose the best plan for your organization and start saving the time.

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  • 2 GB Space
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  • 5 GB Space
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  • 50 Users
  • 7 GB Space
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  • 100 Users
  • 10 GB Space
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